Monday, January 14, 2013

Hall Closet

  This week for the New Year's Organizing Revolution we are doing closets. You can check out the assignment post here. 

I really needed someone to make me do the closet. Really, its not like its that big of a job. Especially compared to the KITCHEN. But I just haven't dealt with the closet in a long time. Every so often (read: 2 years or so) I get tired of it and decide to organize it. Then over time it, again, turns into what you are about to see. I've always organized with lids. Get a container, fill it with cold meds or bandaids or whatever and throw the lid on it. It made the most sense to me. It will stay where it is supposed to be. Plus you can stack them. I have (slowly) learned though that it doesn't work that way. Of course you will do the work to get OUT what you want/need. But when its time to put it back you have to pull out the container you want, open it, put the thing back where it fits, put the lid on, put the container back where it belongs.... OR you can put whatever goes in the container in a stack NEXT to it and hope whoever gets into the container next will toss your crap in. 

So for the first time ever, I am doing baskets! First of all, the baskets look SOOO much better than containers with lids! Hopefully it will work out a lot better for us too.

This is also our game closet. We love games. Lots of games. We have so many. I did filter through them though! Already dropped them at the donation center. Not my easiest thing to purge but some of them we really don't play. Games are my big what-if thing though, what if we REALLY want to play it?? I sucked it up and did it though! Be very proud.

Hall Closet - DONE! I'm loving it too. It looks so pretty with all the bright colored baskets and the shelf paper! 

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  1. it does look pretty! those baskets will work very nicely for you