Tuesday, January 22, 2013


While I am doing the Organization Revolution from A Bowl Full of Lemons, I am also trying to do the Organization 101. Revolution is a 4 week competition and the 101 is a 14 week total revamp. Last week I was supposed to do the garage or storage area but I am afraid that I will make a giant mess and didn't want it all spread everywhere when we were having a birthday party. So I skipped ahead and did the pantry this last week and I will do my storage this week.  

If you haven't already, check out here blog. Its really a great resource. You can find the pantry page here. 

I did my lazy susan with the pantry, I moved a lot back and forth so it worked out to do them at the same time. 


Pulled all the can goods out of the lazy susan. Almost half
of them were expired. I moved them all to the can storage so
they might actually get used.
In progress. 


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